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A Blog by Jagriti

Welcome to my Blog where fun, colour and inspiration come together! Ignite Bollywood is all about ‘lighting up with dance” and this Blog is an extension of my vision to help people light up and live a happy, inspired and fulfilled life!

I will be sharing articles, videos and updates on our latest and upcoming events. My signature Blog videos (Vlogs) include: Ignite Inspiration, Bollywood Minute and Quirky India.

Ignite Inspiration – “Inspiring the Best in You!”

I am dedicated to inspire and challenge you by sharing my insights and interviews with members of our community that are making a difference! I had the pleasure to interview people from all walks of life – from a dating coach, tantra expert to a Paralympian and many more! Each video is short and sweet leaving you with an actionable tip or challenge to help you bring more joy and connection in your life.

Bollywood Minute – “Your 60 second Bollywood Dance Tutorial”

Want to learn fun and easy Bollywood dance steps in the convenience of your living room?

Whether you are a new mum who finds it hard to leave the house or an Aussie blokey bloke wanting to surprise his Indian girlfriend, you can watch my “Bollywood Minute” videos which break down Bollywood dance steps to make it easy for you to learn. Before you know it, you will be dancing like a Bollywood star!

Quirky India – “Weird & Wonderful Facts About India They Never Tell You!”

Growing up as an Indian/Australian, I know there are weird and wonderful secrets about the Indian culture that not many Aussies get to find out!  My Quirky India videos let you inside the bizarre happenings of the Indian culture you never read about in travel books!