Unveiling the Magic of Harmony Day School Activities in Melbourne with Ignite Bollywood

Hi there, School Teachers and Principals! Let's talk about adding some spice to your school events. Ignite Bollywood Dance Company is all about bringing the joy of Bollywood dance right into your classrooms. So, buckle up for a colourful ride into the world of Harmony Day School Activities in Melbourne! Elevating Cultural Learning Through Dance [...]

School Incursion Activity in Melbourne

When it comes to teaching children about other cultures, more and more teachers are choosing Bollywood dance school incursions. Why? Because they’re fun, easy to coordinate and less costly than taking students out of the school for excursions to learn about India. We design our Bollywood dance and Indian cultural incursions for schools so that […]

A fun Harmony Day Idea for Australian Schools – Bollywood Dancing!

Over the past eight years we’ve worked with many Teachers and Assistant Principals of primary and secondary schools to help them celebrate Harmony Day. It’s not uncommon for us to receive a frantic call from a teacher in the month of March saying “I’m sorry I’ve left this till the last minute but can you […]