Goddess? Really? What world are they living in?

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Goddess? Really? What world are they living in?

27 Jun
Goddess retreat

As I was spreading the word of my upcoming Goddess retreat on facebook, I had a comment left by a stranger who stated “Goddess? Really? What world are they living in?”

Fair question I guess. The thought of seeing ourselves as immortal beings like Gods, Goddesses or superheroes seems ridiculous to many.

Yet, there’s simply no better way to define what this retreat for women is all about. It’s about invoking the Goddess within each one of us.


I believe that when we awaken to the divinity within ourselves, we begin to see the divinity in others.  As this occurs, boundaries between us begin to dissolve and we approach others from a place of compassion and understanding rather than judgement and blame.

Also, ladies, when you see the Goddess in yourself, you can’t help but hold yourself to a higher level of accountability. There’s no taking a back seat to your life anymore because you’re forced to step into your truth, power and authenticity. You can stop playing the victim and start creating your life from a place of self-awareness and empowerment.

Sadly, in our world right now, the feminine aspect of ourselves, where-in lies deep intuitive wisdom, beauty, creativity, chaos, compassion and trusting surrender has taken a back seat. Instead there’s an over-emphasis on drive, ambition, intellect and external validation. I believe the time is now to explore our feminine essence and to do this through Goddess archetype work is not only liberating but also fun!!

There’s good reason why for thousands of years, archetypes have been used in many cultures around the world as a means to relate to aspects of ourselves. Whether you refer to recent superhero characters in comic books, Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes, or go further back in history to explore Greek mythology, the power of archetypes and storytelling helps us see our world in creative ways full of possibilities.

Rather than reflect on ourselves in a literal way, by looking at the mundane problems we face as mere mortals, I’ve been drawn to view us as no less than Gods and Goddesses. So I guess to answer the question, what world am I living in?

I’m living in a world full of possibilities.

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