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Inspiring Story of A Paralympian Against All Odds

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Inspiring Story of A Paralympian Against All Odds

16 Aug
Inspiring Story of a ParalympianAgainst all odds

I’m feeling so inspired watching the Olympics and this is the perfect time for me to share an interview I had conducted last year with Michelle Errichiello, a Paralympian who represented Australia in the London Olympics 2012.

When Michelle lost her leg in a terrible accident she thought her life was over. Thanks to her tenacity and the support of her partner, friends and family, she was able to turn this tragic incident into an inspirational journey.

Her story is truly inspiring and taught me the importance on trusting your intuition even when everyone, even the experts are telling you it isn’t possible – there is a drive, a call to arms within us all that can turn the impossible into possible.

Michelle was able to tap into that part of herself – that will and determination in order to achieve her dreams and surpass what others thought was impossible.

But beyond the courage and determination, my favourite part of her journey is the love story. Seeing Michelle and her partner together made my heart melt. The unequivocal support and encouragement he has shown her and the love they have for each other was able to stand strong amongst the greatest adversity. Here’s her story in less than 8 mins.

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