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Bollywood Teambuilding for the Information Technology Industry

Did you know we are now online?
We are now offering online Bollywood dancing as a remote team building exercise for your staff. Let them feel enlivened and energised as they work from home.

We’ve provided Bollywood entertainment and team building for many IT companies and tech start-ups. Wipro, Oracle, Zendesk to name a few.

Here’s a case study of Oracle & NAB who hired us to celebrate the completion of a joint information technology project that combined staff from both companies.

Case Study: Bollywood Entertainment & Teambuilding for Oracle & NAB

Celebrate your achievements with Bollywood

If you’re an Info tech company, you might’ve noticed the large number of Indian staff members. Hmmm…don’t ask me why Indians love I.T, but they do.

Chances are that your staff members would enjoy it if you took some time to celebrate their cultural heritage and what better way to celebrate India than Bollywood?

So next time your team have reached a milestone or hit a major target, why not call us to bring some Bollywood flavour to your celebrations? That’s what Oracle and NAB did.

I got a call from Donna from Oracle who asked me to provide a fun and colourful experience for members of both Oracle and NAB who had worked together for months to complete an IT project. This collaboration was coming to completion and Donna really wanted to do something special.

We were invited to Crown Palladium to put on a show that would have everyone going absolutely nuts on the dance floor! Whether the team members were Indian or not – it didn’t matter because EVERYONE was shaking their shoulders to the live Indian drumming.

After our performers put on a colourful Bollywood show, we taught some basic steps to the crowd.

But then we had an idea to take it one step further…

We decided to split up the groups and have a Bollywood dance off – Oracle versus NAB and it was intense! I won’t tell you who the winner was, but suffice to say, the crowd left feeling uplifted with the friendly competition and some of the dance moves they pulled out were extraordinary!

Donna told me after the event that in all this time working together, she had never seen this side of them!

Bollywood dancing has the magic gift of breaking down cultural divides and bringing your team together in a fun and light way.

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