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Bollywood Teambuilding for the Insurance Industry

Did you know we are now online?
We are now offering online Bollywood dancing as a remote team building exercise for your staff. Let them feel enlivened and energised as they work from home.

Are you in the Insurance Industry? Looking to do something a little different for your team?

We’ve helped Insurance companies such as yours to bring some Bollywood flavour to their team building events. iSelect hired us to celebrate a Bollywood themed Christmas party and AIA Australia invited us to help their team celebrate Diwali, TWICE!

Case Study: Bollywood Teambuilding for AIA Australia

AIA Australia wanted to have an intimate gathering for their staff – on a small budget with nothing too over the top or fancy.

So we sent two or our gorgeous Bollywood dancers to their office during their lunch break and we conducted a fun and interactive Bollywood dance performance and workshop with the team.

It can really be that easy! You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a huge venue and catering. You can invite us into your workplace and ask your staff members to bring a dish from their country of origin to share. It keeps your celebration intimate with a sense of community and also adds some excitement with our Bollywood workshop!

In fact, AIA loved us so much, they invited us back the following year.

Contact our expert team to help you with ideas for your next staff party. We’ve helped companies like you in the Insurance Industry to bring some Bollywood magic into their events.