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We are now offering online Bollywood dancing as a remote team building exercise for your staff. Let them feel enlivened and energised as they work from home.

We’ve provided Bollywood entertainment and team building for Australia’s big banks including Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Bendigo Bank. So why do they keep coming back to us for more?

Here’s a case study of Westpac who have hired us for multiple events over the past 4 years.


Case Study: Bollywood Entertainment & Teambuilding for Westpac Diwali

A great way to bring your staff and clients together.

Westpac is constantly looking for ways to engage its staff and clients. Since the Indian community forms a significant part of its client base, Westpac has made a conscious effort to celebrate India’s biggest festival – Diwali.

How does Westpac do this? They create a special Diwali event at a top hotel and invite several of their VIP clients and staff, giving them an opportunity to connect and feel valued.

How did we help Westpac?

We ensure that the evening is fun, colourful and showcases the Indian culture. We have been hired by Westpac over and over again due to our high level of service and quality Bollywood performers. Here’s what we did for one of the Diwali functions.

Bollywood greeting

As guests entered the cocktail function area, they were greeted by four Bollywood dancers and a Dhol player (Indian drummer). One dancer was holding a traditional thali (Indian silver tray with flowers, candle and red powder) while the other placed a red dot on the guest’s forehead. The other two dancers greeted them with a traditional Indian greeting “Namaste”.

Bollywood Show

Later five dancers performed a colourful Bollywood medley to entertain the guests.



Bollywood Workshop with Guests

The highlight was when our lead dancer took the mic and taught fun and easy Bollywood moves to the audience, all to the sound of Live Indian drums. It got everyone going!

Check Out This Video:

Why should you book our Bollywood performers?

If you’re in the Banking and finance Industry and want to be seen as promoting diversity and engaging staff and clients, then a Bollywood themed night or team building session is a great way to make it happen!

Contact our expert team to discuss ideas. We’ve helped any companies in Banking & Finance to bring some Bollywood magic into their events!