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Bollywood Incursions for Primary & Secondary Schools

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We are now offering online Bollywood dance incursions for primary and secondary schools.
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Teachers! Are you searching for a fun learning experience for your students?

Our Bollywood dance incursions are a hit among primary and secondary schools across Melbourne. They are very quickly becoming the most sought after activities for primary school children. Our Bollywood dance workshops for school kids are perfect for boys and girls of all ages. Whether you are looking for an ongoing after school activity or a once-off incursion idea, we can help you.

Save costs if you have a limited school budget!

Searching for school activities in Melbourne? Booking a Bollywood incursion means that we come to you and give your students a fun and interactive learning experience that doesn’t cost you unnecessary time, money and hassle. Instead of dragging your students to an excursion outside the school, where you have to keep an eye on them and constantly worry about losing them, let us come in and take the pressure off you. You also save unnecessary bus and public transport costs and you can totally relax and enjoy the fun while we take charge.

A fun way to learn about India

Our Bollywood dance workshops for school kids are more than just a dance class because they offer a fun and colourful way to explore the Indian culture and get active at the same time.

Instil important values!

These interactive and highly engaging sessions impart valuable lessons in confidence, respect and teamwork. They also instil important human values of diversity, self-confidence, friendship and mutual respect. We ensure a safe and judgement-free environment to allow children to shine and express themselves openly.

Tailored to your learning objectives

Dance can play a pivotal role in learning because of its power to engage children with all types of learning styles. Since dance involves visual, auditory and kinaesthetic elements, it is a tool that can deepen one’s learning experience of almost any subject matter.

Our professional Bollywood dance instructors can vary the style of workshop based on your objectives.

Dance and Your Curriculum

The reason why this is one of the best school activities in Melbourne is because we will first consult with you to develop a lesson plan relevant to your class. Then our professional Bollywood dance instructor will deliver an informative and entertaining dance workshop that addresses your chosen learning outcome within the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).We can help achieve learning objectives in any of the three strands:  

  • Physical, personal and social learning
  • Discipline-based learning (i.e. Arts, English, humanities, math and science)
  • Inter-disciplinary learning

Our Most Popular Primary and Secondary School Experiences

Bollywood Incursion

Our educational package is what separates us from other Bollywood dance companies. We identify learning outcomes that you wish to address in your classroom and create a lesson plan to achieve these outcomes.

Bollywood After-School Program

Term-based Bollywood dance sessions offered as an extra-curricular health and wellbeing activity for your staff or students. Let go, have fun and gain a different cultural perspective. Parents love sending their children to a fun after-school activity while they finish up at work!

Bollywood School Fete

Live Bollywood stage show by professional Bollywood dancers, followed by a short interactive Bollywood dance workshop with your audience. Perfect for a school assembly, fete or special event.