Would you like us to help plan your next Seniors group activity?

Are you looking for a fun activity for your Senior’s group?

As a Lifestyle Co-ordinator, you’re probably on the look-out for a fun activity for your aged care residents. Why not try our seniors’ Bollywood dance workshops which are full of laughter, colour, and lots of fun?

Video: How our seniors Bollywood dance workshops promote well-being

We don’t want seniors to feel lonely.

Sometimes seniors can feel neglected, lonely and disengaged, especially if they’ve lost their mobility, suffer dementia or live away from their loved ones. It’s important to offer them experiences that help them stay active, feel alive and feel like a part of a community.

We help local councils, retirement villages, aged care nursing homes, and seniors activity groups promote positive ageing through our exciting Bollywood workshops especially designed for seniors.

Offer something fun and unique to your group.

Our senior participants find that Bollywood dancing is an invigorating cultural experience. It helps improve physical mobility, concentration and co-ordination.

An uplifting cultural experience

Bollywood dance is more than a physical activity. It revives the spirit and instils a sense of belonging, self-worth and liveliness for seniors.

Seniors Bollywood dance workshops can be especially tailored using low-impact movements to make it easy for participants that suffer any mental or physical limitations. With so many benefits, your members simply can’t afford to miss this uplifting experience!

Seniors Group Packages

Seniors Bollywood Dance Workshop

All our seniors Bollywood dance workshops can be selected as a once-off workshop or a 6 week course. Bollywood accessories including colourful Indian scarves, bangles and bindis are available if you wish to add some colour to your dance session. Let us know if you would like us to customise our Bollywood dance routine for dementia patients, seniors in wheelchairs or participants with any special needs. Our dance instructor will use cultural references and fun anecdotes to keep participants entertained.

Seniors Special Events Bollywood Shows

Spice up your next function or party with a colourful Bollywood dance performance that will entertain and engage your guests. Our professional dancers will arrive in complete Bollywood costume and perform a vibrant dance for the audience.

Why choose Bollywood dancing for seniors?

  • Help seniors feel more connected
  • It’s something fun and unique
  • It’s an uplifting cultural experience

We are Dancing Online

Here are some Hindi episodes of “Move it Or Lose It” from Channel 31 in Australia. Don’t worry, there are subtitles. These are some simple low-impact Bollywood dance steps ideal for Seniors or beginners which you can do at home!