Let us help you select the best Bollywood experience for your event

Do you want to make your next event memorable?

We can help you.

Video: How our Bollywood Dancers will ‘wow’ your guests

Mesmerise your guests

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, community festival, birthday party or anything else, let us help you mesmerise your guests.

Add some fun and colour

We can add that “wow” factor to your next event by creating a colourful and almost surreal experience for your guests.

Not just Bollywood shows, we can bring the Indian cultural experience to your friends and family with our team of professional Bollywood dancers, live musicians, DJs, henna artists, and more!

From the moment your guests enter the room to the fragrance of sandalwood and sounds of live drums to the end of the night, they will remember this experience for years to come!

You don’t need a huge wallet

A Bollywood entertainment package doesn’t have to blow your budget. The scope of our Bollywood experiences vary depending on how ‘low-key’ or ‘KA-POW’ you’d like to be.

We’ve performed at a dinner party for 8 people in a private home and also at festivals in front of 15,000+ crowds.

We work with you to understand your needs and your limitations and help provide the best possible solution for your event.

Depending on your requirement and budget, you can choose a small 2-dancer performance or an elaborate 20-dancer Bollywood extravaganza to blow your audience away.

Diamond Bollywood Experience

(The Ultimate Bollywood Experience!)

The ultimate experience with 8 dancers and 3 live musicians including sitar, tabla and dhol players, a Bollywood DJ and henna artist. Perfect for a high-end Bollywood themed ball or corporate event.

It includes:

  1. Bollywood Greeting: The fragrance of sandalwood incense mesmerises your guests as they enter a magical world. Colourfully adorned Bollywood dancers greet guests in a traditional lndian style with a ‘thali’ (silver coloured tray) that holds a ‘joth’ (Indian prayer candle), flowers and ‘tikka’ (red powder to place on the foreheads of guests).
  2. Enchanted Music Duo: As guests enjoy their canapés and cocktails, our classical Indian musicians will transport them into another world with the tabla and sitar. It’s the perfect way to set the scene for an elaborate high-end event (Duration 1 hour).
  3. Live Bollywood Show: Time to turn up the heat with our 8 Bollywood dancers performing an intricate and vibrant Bollywood medley. (Duration 7-8 mins).
  4. Interactive Bollywood Workshop: Guests will be invited on to the dance floor to learn a series of easy and fun Bollywood dance steps from our friendly dancers. Dancers rove through the crowd to involve even the shyest participants. This is a great opportunity for your guests to let go of their inhibitions and have a laugh. (Duration 15-20 mins).
  5. Live Dhol: We challenge you to stay still when our drummer beats the dhol. The live drumming is guaranteed to add a festive vibe to the workshop and guests can’t help but go crazy to our beats!
  6. Bollywood Gifts for Guests: Your guests will remember this night forever! Each female guest receives sparkling colourful bangles and a jeweled bindi to place on her forehead. Male guests receive a colourful lapel flower. (Up to 50 male and 50 female gift sets)
  7. Henna Artist: The ladies will love receiving a hand painted intricate henna tattoo from our professional henna artist.  Don’t worry, it only lasts for 2 weeks.
  8. Bollywood DJ: Have your guests dancing to Hindi Bollywood and English songs throughout the night! Sound and lights are provided.

Sapphire Bollywood Experience

2 hour experience with 5 dancers and 1 dhol player
  1. Bollywood Greeting with 2 dancers
  2. Live Bollywood Show with 5 dancers.
  3. Interactive Bollywood Workshop.
  4. Live Dhol (Indian drums)

Amethyst Bollywood Experience

30 mins experience with 3 Bollywood dancers
  1. Live Bollywood Show with 3 dancers.
  2. Interactive Bollywood Workshop.

Why choose our Bollywood
experiences for your next event?

  1. Mesmerise your guests
  2. Add fun and colour
  3. Because you don’t need a huge wallet