We can help you decide on the best Bollywood experience for your wedding

Bollywood dancers for your wedding

Do you want to make your wedding memorable?

Let us help you create memories that will last forever.

We have a Bollywood experience to suit any wedding. Not only do we offer Indian dancers for your wedding, you can also choose from professional live musicians, private tuition for your bridal Bollywood dance or a unique surprise performance by your friends and family (flash-mob style!)

Choose a Bridal Dance Experience which includes

Mesmerize your guests

Let us help you add that “wow” factor to your wedding event by creating a magical, colourful and almost surreal experience for your guests.

Indian Bollywood dancers for weddings are becoming an increasingly popular way to keep guests entertained.  We can help you create a complete cultural experience for your guests with our team of gorgeous Bollywood dancers for your wedding along with live musicians, DJs, henna artists, photographers and more!

Make it special

We work with you to understand your needs and help provide the best possible solution for your special day. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can choose a small 2-dancer performance or an elaborate 20-dancer Bollywood extravaganza to blow your audience away.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to find out some of our most popular Bollywood experiences or let us tailor something especially for you.

A Bridal Waltz With A Bollywood Touch

You’re not a boring couple then why do what every other couple is doing? Add a Bollywood twist to your first dance as husband and wife.

Are you thinking “but I can’t dance”.

Don’t worry, we specialise in choreographing for couples of any skill level so you can relax and leave it to us! We will provide you with private tuition so that you can dance like a professional dancer on your wedding day!

Here is an example of a Bollywood 

Experience we can offer you

It includes:

  1. Grand Bridal Party Entrance: Don’t walk into your reception unnoticed. Make an impression with the sound of the dhol (live Indian drumming)!
  2. Enchanted Music Duo: As guests enjoy their canapés and cocktails, our classical Indian musicians will send your guests to another world with the tabla and sitar. It is the perfect way to set the scene (Duration 1 hour).
  3. Live Bollywood Show: Time to turn up the heat with our Bollywood dancers at your wedding performing an intricate and vibrant Bollywood medley. (Duration 6-7 mins)
  4. Party Starter Bollywood Workshop: Guests will be invited on to the dance floor to learn a series of easy and fun Bollywood dance steps from our friendly dancers. Dancers rove through the crowd to involve even the shyest participants. This is a great opportunity for your guests to let go of their inhibitions, have a laugh and mingle with guests from the opposite side of the bridal party.
  5. Live Dhol: We challenge you to stay still when our drummer beats the dhol. The live drumming is guaranteed to add a festive vibe to the workshop and guests can’t help but go crazy to our drum beats! (Duration 20 mins)
  6. Bollywood DJ: Have your guests dancing to Hindi Bollywood and English songs throughout the night! Sound and lights are provided.
  7. Bollywood bridal dance choreography: Our professional dancer will choreograph something to your favourite song to suit your dance skills (even if you have two left feet).
  8. Private Tuition: We take you through the dance routine step by step over four 1 hour dance rehearsals.
Video: The ultimate Bollywood wedding flashmob that shocked the bride and groom!

Why choose our Bollywood experiences for your next event?

  • Mesmerize your guests
  • Make it special
  • Because you’re not a boring couple!