Sneak Peek Bollywood Babes Photo Shoot

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Sneak Peek Bollywood Babes Photo Shoot

24 Feb

I believe it’s about time women stop giving control of their bodies and their spirit to the media, society and others, and instead start embracing who they are by embodying all aspects of themselves. Bollywood Babes is my signature Bollywood dance program especially designed for women in Melbourne who want to embrace their greatness!

Through dance, movement and meditation processes, women are invited to explore 8 different archetypes which include:

  • Mysterious Babe
  • Magnetic Babe
  • Cheeky Babe
  • Warrior Babe
  • Kinky Babe
  • Mystic Babe
  • Nurturing Babe and
  • Wild Babe

naomi cheeky babe-Bollywood-dance-photo


Bollywood dance can allow women to access these archetypes in a light and fun way…

On Monday we had an artistic photo shoot with photographer Andre Cooray to capture these 8 powerful feminine archetypes so check out this video for some behind the scenes fun! All the team members that participated in this shoot had a ball and really stepped into their archetypes with ease and grace. These photos will be used to represent each of the archetypes so stay tuned…

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