Why are Australian companies celebrating the Indian Diwali Festival?

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Why are Australian companies celebrating the Indian Diwali Festival?

I’m wondering why this was our busiest Diwali yet.

As Bollywood entertainers, this year we’ve performed at the most number of Diwali events ever! In my 8 years of operating Ignite Bollywood I’ve noticed a significant rise in the number of organisations that are acknowledging the importance of this prominent Indian festival.
It got me thinking….why now?

“Census 2016 data revealed that the Indian population in Australia has grown to 455,389, up from 295,362 recorded in Census 2011.” (SBS)

This surge in the Indian population may partly be the reason for Indian cultural festivals becoming part of the Australian mainstream.

Companies with large number of Indian employees, clients and partners have realised that if they wish to stay ahead of their competition, they can’t ignore this growing and lucrative demographic. Shopping centres, schools and community organisations are also recognising the importance of acknowledging Indian festivals since many members of the community come from an Indian background.

So what type of organisations have hired our Bollywood dancers this year?

The Big Banks – yes, this year more than one major bank requested our Bollywood dancers, musicians and henna artists to make their event a highlight for their VIP clients. Since our operation, we’ve worked with NAB, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank and Bendigo Banks on more than one occasion and we’re starting to notice the larger investment being made to attract the Indian population.

Property Developers – Stockland, one of the largest diversified property groups in Australia invited our Bollywood dancers, sitar and table players to put a rather unique experience together for their Diwali festival at The Grove in Tarneit. Our dancers greeted housing prospects from the local community with colourful flower lapels for men and sparkling bangles for women. This was followed by a sitar and table performance, Bollywood show, Bollywood dance workshop and a short Dhol drumming demonstration and workshop.


Shopping Centres –  Three separate shopping centres from all across Melbourne invited us to perform at their location. We worked closely with the centre management to ensure that we could provide the best possible experience. One challenge was that two of the centres did not have a stage and PA sound system, so we came up with a great alternative  – Bollywood dancing and roving across the centre to live Indian drumming and also handing out Indian sweets. This was particularly well received and created a festive atmosphere that shoppers simply couldn’t resist.


Primary and Secondary Schools – Schools often ask our team to conduct Bollywood dance incursions especially close to Indian festivals which is great because it gives us a chance to educate students about Indian festivals and culture along with Bollywood dancing. It helps to add that extra dimension instead of just a dance class.

Aged Care Nursing Homes – We helped residents at aged care centres celebrate Diwali with a fun and colourful interactive Bollywood dance workshop especially designed for seniors. We are the first and one of the very few dance troupes who specialise in Bollywood for seniors.

Yes it’s been a busy month and I’m truly grateful for the clients who have chosen our team to help them make their Diwali events stand out.

Now it’s almost Christmas time and we’re going to be pretty busy with Bollywood themed Christmas parties and team building sessions.

Here’s to lighting up every festival with Bollywood dance!