Help my team laugh, dance and innovate together.

Corporate Team Building

Did you know we are now online?
We are now offering online Bollywood dancing as a remote team building exercise for your staff. Let them feel enlivened and energised as they work from home.

Video: Corporate team building activities in Melbourne – Try Bollywood!

Are you looking for new ideas to engage and inspire your staff?

Improve morale and productivity

Our Bollywood team building sessions are especially designed to bring your team together in the most fun and colourful way. They help break down barriers, promote diversity and improve staff morale and productivity.

Dance inspires innovation

Studies show that dancing helps with creative problem solving and inspires innovative thinking, which every great organisation needs (New Scientist, 22Aug 2015, p36). Not only that, it has the potential to open up possibilities in other areas of our life and work.

You might be thinking, “what if my staff don’t want to try something like this?”

Don’t worry! Our professional dance instructors have a unique way of engaging even the most reluctant participant. Before you know it, your team will be dancing outside their comfort zone.

A great stress reduction strategy

Ask us about the extensive range of carefully tailored personal development programs in the form of Bollywood dance, yoga and meditation workshops that can improve the energy levels of your staff and reduce stress.

So, if you’re searching for corporate team building activities in Melbourne and other cities within Australia, contact us to discuss your needs. Bollywood dancing is a fun and vibrant addition to all types of training sessions, conferences and special company events.

Staff Team-building Packages

  1. Corporate Bollywood Dance Workshop Our Corporate Bollywood dance workshops are interactive, hilarious and a great way to reward your team. Especially designed to de-stress your staff members and promote team building and self-expression. The workshop can serve as a fantastic ice-breaker for in-house training sessions or an exciting addition to your next conference.
  2. Corporate Wellbeing – Bollyoga Workshop This is our signature workshop that explores two essential elements of human nature – stillness and dynamism. We believe that action without reflection can be harmful and reflection without action can be stagnating. So to help promote harmony within people, we have created a very unique workshop that combines elements of yoga, meditation, dance and movement. This workshop will allow your staff to create valuable changes in their work and lives.
  3. What Bollywood team building can do for your staff
    1. Improve team morale and productivity
    2. Inspire Innovation
    3. De-stress and rejuvenate