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School Incursion Activity in Melbourne

When it comes to teaching children about other cultures, more and more teachers are choosing Bollywood dance school incursions.


Because they’re fun, easy to coordinate and less costly than taking students out of the school for excursions to learn about India.

We design our Bollywood dance and Indian cultural incursions for schools so that they are highly engaging, interactive and help achieve your specific learning outcomes. Let me share a few popular sessions we’ve conducted in the past all across Melbourne!

       1. Dance and Performing Arts Teachers wanting to add some spice!

Many Performing Arts or Dance / Drama Teachers have invited us to add some spice to their curriculum by choregraphing and teaching their students a full Bollywood dance performance to showcase. At Caulfield Grammar we created a 6-week course for Year 8 dance students to learn about the three key styles that make up Bollywood dance: Classical Indian; Folk; and Contemporary. They had a ball and learnt a four minute dance performance that added to their already highly developed dance ability.

       2. Schools Celebrating Harmony Day & Diversity

We’ve had so many schools over the past decade invite us to conduct Bollywood dance incursions for their ENTIRE school as a way to celebrate Harmony Day and diversity. Malvern Primary School is one example where we conducted 4 x 1 hour Bollywood dance and Indian culture sessions for the entire 700 primary school students. Then our dancers put on a Bollywood show for the entire school! It was so well received.

      3. Classroom Bollywood Incursions

Some classroom teachers who are teaching their students about India in their classes have invited us to conduct a Bollywood incursion specifically for their students. An example is when we conducted an incursion for Year 2 students at Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School in Croydon. The incursion not only showcased Bollywood dance but also captivated the children with a presentation on Indian wedding rituals. The kids lapped it up!

      4. Bollywood Dance Workshops at Your School Fete

Many schools are getting creative with their school fete’s and fundraisers and they’ve invited us to add something different. Our colourful Bollywood dancers have performed and conducted Bollywood dance workshops at a number of school fairs and fetes in Brunswick, Mitcham, Beaumaris and many other locations!

So now that you know how many different ways schools have asked us to add some fun and colour with our Bollywood experiences, why not discuss your school’s needs with one of our professional team members?

We look forward to creating the perfect school incursion activity with our Bollywood dance experiences for your students, parents, teachers and community! Book one of the most unique school incursion activity in Melbourne and shake your hips to fast paced Bollywood beats!