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The Perfume Garden

A play set in the Indian milieu where spices and fantasies come together to spin a beautiful story that recounts the saga of most families whose roots a deep entangled in the morals of Indian values.  Playwright and producer Rajendra Moodley’s current play revolves around the dream sequences that an ordinary person stuck in the struggle for self-pride, self-conscience, and self-sufficiency can escape to.  And when the struggle is only aggravated by the cultural differences, dreams take the form of fantasies, one that swoops away from the harsh realities.

Mr. Moodley conceived this story 18 years ago and it is highly influenced by his childhood imaginations of Indian Gods and Goddess and how they possibly looked like. The Indian fables and stories about rich spice markets left quite an impression on his young mind, and years later, it takes a concrete shape in the form of this play.

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