Bollywood at Multicultural Festivals in Victoria

For over nine years, I’ve noticed a considerable increase in enquiries for Bollywood dancers at various multicultural festivals across Melbourne. Why is it that our clients want to add Bollywood dancing to their program? There are many Indian performance options that we at Ignite Bollywood and others offer. These include live sitar musicians, classical Indian […]

Melbourne Lockdown Bollywood Flashmob

Ignite Bollywood Dance Company with the support of the City of Melbourne Covid-19 Arts Grant has created an online community arts project titled “Lockdown Bollywood Flashmob”. During the Covid-19 pandemic, mental health has been a serious issue with an increasing number of people reaching out to helplines due to feelings of isolation, overwhelm and depression. […]

Have a Bolly Jolly Christmas!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where you’re probably looking for some great ideas for your corporate Christmas party. Why not consider a Christmas function with some Bollywood dancing? You can surprise your staff and guests with some fun and colour with our Bollywood dancers! This is usually the perfect time where people […]

Love During a Pandemic

For the past two years, getting married has been an extremely uncertain goal for many with unexpected lockdowns and restrictions in Melbourne. That’s right, we were the most locked down city in the world, Yikes! But recently, things have picked up and we at Ignite Bollywood have been inundated with wedding performance requests now that […]

Why you Can’t Afford to Miss Diwali this year!

This is the first time we’re doing a Bollywood dance performance for Diwali celebrations at by collaborating with a Hip hop troupe! It’s the first time in Melbourne that a professional Bollywood troupe and hip hop troupe have decided to genuinely collaborate. We’ve had several rehearsals and the exchange of ideas has been fantastic. Joel […]

School Incursion Activity in Melbourne

When it comes to teaching children about other cultures, more and more teachers are choosing Bollywood dance school incursions. Why? Because they’re fun, easy to coordinate and less costly than taking students out of the school for excursions to learn about India. We design our Bollywood dance and Indian cultural incursions for schools so that […]

Who’s Your Aunty?

Why does your Indian friend call your mum “aunty” even though you both are not related? This episode of Quirky India let’s you in on the secret!

The Magic of “Namaste”

You may have heard the traditional Indian greeting “Namaste” which has caught on in the West. But have you ever wondered what’s the meaning behind this greeting? While growing up I was told different reasons for the most common Indian greeting and I would like to share with you one of my favourite reasons for […]

Case Study – iSelect pull off the ultimate Bollywood Christmas party!

On 6th December 2013 Iselect asked Ignite Bollywood to put on a surprise Bollywood theme Christmas party for their team of over 100 unsuspecting staff and it went off! The social committee from iSelect put in so much effort in planning the details for their corporate event with the help of our lead party planner. […]

Bollywood at Multicultural Festivals

March is one of our busiest months of the year with people inviting us to perform at multicultural festivals to help them celebrate harmony day and diversity week in true Bollywood style! We’ve worked with a range of clients to help them plan a fun and entertaining multicultural festival during this time and some of […]